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Curious to see the styles for any WPF framework control?  If so, take a look at this simple and free utility call StyleSnooper.

Originally posted by Lester Lobo and revamped by Ælij.

What does it do?

The first step is to point StyleSnooper at any WPF assembly.  It will parse all the public, concrete, non-generic classes in the assembly that derive from FrameworkElement and show them in the combobox.  When you select an item in the combobox StyleSnooper shows you a list of all the styles applied to this class.  Simple and useful.  My kind of utility!


Compiled EXE

- Walt

13 Responses to “WPF tools – StyleSnooper”

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  2. Francois says:

    Thanks for sharing this tool, great idea. Lovely.

  3. Robert says:

    Hi there.

    When Vista Aero Glass is off and Vista Basic theme is enabled, can you “use” that bluish default background in your client area, instead of that gray background?
    How would you do this?

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  5. Reimer says:

    Thanks for sharing this tool – just what i needed…

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  7. Bill says:

    download is not working

  8. Svart says:

    Great tool, really helpful for WPF developers. appreciate it.

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  10. Greg Bacchus says:

    Can I suggest that you change the line of the code that actually does the serialization to:

    System.Windows.Markup.XamlWriter.Save( style, new XamlDesignerSerializationManager( xmlTextWriter ) { XamlWriterMode = XamlWriterMode.Expression } );

    This will make the XAML output far more readable.

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  12. Anders says:

    Please don’t google-translate your website… even though it is hilarious to read. It distracts, and the technical terms used are in English anyway, so don’t bother translating them.

  13. Anders says:

    Oh my god… my comments get translated aswell… I almost pissed myself from laughing!!!

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