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I don’t talk alot about my work here.  Mostly I like to prattle on about the interesting changes happening in the UI/Rich Client world.

Indulge me for a few minutes while I talk about one of my jobs.  I work as a trainer/consultant for Wintellect.   Last fall Jeffrey Richter convinced me to join the Wintellect family.  It’s been a great year so far and I’m enjoying the travel and intrigue. I teach a number of the Wintellect classes but I’m most excited about the WPF course.  It’s my baby, I’m responsible for creating and teaching the Mastering Windows Presentation Foundation course.  

What’s Wintellect doing at Mix07?

Jeff Prosise, one of the founders of Wintellect, and I will be at Mix07 Las Vegas.  Jeff has one session during the conference.

Go Deep with AJAX

Tuesday, May 1 2:15 PM – 3:30 PM, Lando 4301A 

Speakers: Matt Gibbs – Microsoft, Jeff Prosise – Wintellect LLC

Audience: Developer

Go below the surface of ASP.NET AJAX and see how the Microsoft AJAX Library and the ASP.NET AJAX server controls come together to create a rich platform for developing more immersive, responsive and interactive Web applications. Learn about how ASP.NET AJAX uses JSON serialization and the JavaScript proxies that are created for accessing Web services. The Microsoft AJAX Library provides an asynchronous request lifecycle; learn tips for working with the UpdatePanel control and ways to deploy scripts for greater performance.

Wintellect Mix-It-Up Party

We’re  (Wintellect) having a big pre-event dinner party on Sunday.  It’s an invitation-only event otherwise I’d ask all my WPF buddies to come by for drinks.  Wintellect, Burton Snowboards and Microsoft are all sponsoring the event and it looks like a fun evening.   

WPF/Silverlight believers

I love WPF and Silverlight.  You probably know that already if you’ve been reading my WpfWonderland blog for more than a couple days.  I’m not the only Wintellectual to hop on the RIA train though.

Last week I was at the Devscovery Denver conference.  Jeff Prosise had a number of sessions during the week covering ASP.NET, AJAX and Silverlight.   I don’t have the exact quote, so I’ll have to paraphrase. During one of Jeff’s Silverlight sessions he said that he thought Silverlight is likely to be the  “most significant web programming” tool to emerge from Microsoft this decade. and will have a major impact on anyone doing web development with Microsoft technologies.


-Walt Ritscher

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One Response to “Wintellect at Mix07”

  1. Rick Strahl says:

    RIA is definitely one of the most exciting things in Web development recently. I’m seriously curious to see if Microsoft can pull this off properly by making both designers and more standard business developers happy, which is no easy task. Finding the balance between power and size too will be a trade off and one that will hurt for WPF developers I think.

    Silverlight will need to be a huge step up from WPF/E to be even in a playing field with Adobe however. From early rumors things sound slick, but we’ll have to wait ’til we get bits to play with.