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Running a new OS on your real computer (instead of a virtual machine) is always an eye-opener.  Hidden away in the cobwebbed corners  of the OS lurk a few beady eyed gremlins, sneaking out at unexpected times to foul your pristine new environment.  These little inconveniences niggle at you, tugging at the edges of your mind.  Is it worth the time to figure out why the annoyance is happening, or do you just continue on with more important tasks, hoping to look into the issue later?

The Windows 8 Store error

The Windows 8 Store on my main laptop mocked me regularly the last couple weeks.


I’d use the store for a day or two with nary a problem, then get suddenly get an error that made me scratch my head in befuddlement


Figure 2: Error message

Your PC isn’t connected to the Internet.  To use the Store, connect to the Internet and then try again.

“What?”  I’d check the network and Internet connections.  No problems indicated.  Trying the store again resulted in the same message, or an alternate error message.


We weren’t able to connect to the Store, This might have happened because of a server problem or the network connection timed out.  Please wait a few minutes and try again.

The Store worked on other computers on the same network. The problem never seemed important enough to troubleshoot for more than a few minutes.  The Googleverse revealed little useful information, so I’d move onto another task.  The next day, the Store would work as expected.

The Solution

Today, I finally solved the issue.

I ran the Store on my secondary laptop and installed an app.  Next, I opened the Store on my main computer to install the same application.  Boom, the familiar “PC not connected” error greeted me once again.

I ran through the network tests,  everything looked perfect.  It was then that I spotted Fiddler running on my taskbar.

Hmmm.  Fiddler acts as a proxy, I wonder…  I’ve been using Fiddler a lot the last couple weeks…

Sure enough, turning off Fiddler solve my issue. 

Just to be sure, I installed some apps from the Store, closed the Store and started Fiddler.  When I restarted the Store I got the same error as before.

My advice:  look at your proxies when blocked within the Store application. 

Hope this helps.

3 Responses to “Solved: Windows 8 Store–Unable to connect to Store error”

  1. Joe says:

    No, I don’t buy that. I have fiddler installed but not running most of the time. I see this error very frequently. I actually just think that the HTTP timeout on some of the store requests is just set too short. Blaming lack of connectivity on the whole PC is also a fail, this is going to confuse the hell out of the average user.

    • Walt Ritscher says:

      I’m not sure what you are not buying. On my computer, Fiddler was causing the problem. I can duplicate the problem at anytime by running fiddler.

      Yes, this could be a timeout issue, If so, perhaps Fiddler is slowing down the requests.

      I’ve also heard rumors that it might be tied to Ipv6 implementations.

      I agree about the confusion regarding the issue for some users.

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