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The Visual Studio site has a feature grid, comparing the three retail developer versions of Visual Studio 2012 (Professional, Premium and Ultimate).

Personally I find the list hard to navigate and understand.  So I created a revised version of the grid.

Here are the features that are available in all three editions.



Here’s a plain text version of the same list.


  1. Refactoring
  2. One-Click Web Deployment
  3. Extensible WPF-Based Environment
  4. Model Resource Viewer
  5. Multi-Targeting
  6. Blend for Visual Studio
  7. JavaScript and jQuery Support
  8. Project & Solution Compatibility with VS 2010 SP1
  9. LightSwitch
  10. Multiple Monitor Support

Development Platform Support

  1. Windows Desktop
  2. Windows Store Application
  3. Web
  4. Windows Phone
  5. Office
  6. SharePoint
  7. Cloud

Debugging and Diagnostics

  1. Debugger
  2. Static Code Analysis
  3. Profiling
  4. Code Metrics
  5. Windows Phone Emulator
  6. Windows 8 Simulator
  7. Page Inspector (In IDE Web Debugging)
  8. Graphics Debugging


  1. Unit Tests
  2. Extensible Testing Framework

Architecture and Modeling

  1. Dependency Graphs

TFS Integration

  1. Agile Task boards
  2. Version Control
  3. Work Item Tracking
  4. Build Automation
  5. Exception Analytics
  6. SharePoint Integration (Team Project Portal)
  7. Reporting & BI
  8. MS Project & Project Server integration
  9. System Center Integration


  1. Team Explorer
  2. Team Explorer Everywhere for TFS

Software/Services for Production Use

  1. Visual Studio Updates

Higher Level Features

The next diagram shows the features that are only available in the Premium or Ultimate editions. As you can see there are only six areas that are Ultimate only (IntelliTrace, Web Performance Testing, Load Tests, Fakes, Architecture Explorer and Architecture and Layer Diagrams).


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  1. Hi, Walt,
    I believe all Visual Studio 2012 versions support Windows Azure with the addition of the Windows Azure SDK and Windows Azure Tools for Visual Studio.

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