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Windows phone 8.1 has little changes and enhancements that are not covered in the mainstream articles. This series of posts examines the gems hidden everywhere in the new OS.

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Call History

There are a some changes in the History section of the phone dialer. Repeat calls to the same phone number are grouped together on the history list.


Figure 01: Windows Phone 8.1 History screenshot


As you can see I made two calls to the 555-0101 number, indicated with the (2), then I called the 555-1888 number [*].  Next were four calls the the 555-0123 number.  Finally I redialed the 555-0101 number again.  Because I made calls to other numbers before redialing 555-0101 the group count is reset.

In the Windows Phone 8.0 history list each phone call is a separate entry.  So this  8.1 enhancement reduces the number of items shown in the history list

Searching History

The grouping disappears when searching the history list.


Figure 02:  Searching History screenshot


When I touch the search button, the list updates to show the individual calls.


Figure 03: Search results screenshot


The grouped data is not shown in the search results either. As you can see each individual phone call is listed separately.


[8] More information about U.S fictional phone numbers.


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