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Windows phone 8.1 has subtle changes and enhancements that are not covered in the mainstream articles.   This series of posts examines the gems hidden everywhere in the new OS.

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Call History UI changes

Microsoft changed the UI in the Call History screen.  The Call button is gone, replaced with the new Contact Button.

Windows Phone 8.1

Here is the history screen in 8.0.


Figure 01:  Windows Phone 8.0 Call History screen


On the left side of the screen is the Call button.  Obviously pressing this button calls the phone number.  Pressing the contact name or phone number in the history list takes you to the contact screen, where you can view and edit their contact information.


Windows Phone 8.1

Here’s the history screen in 8.1.


Figure 02:  Windows Phone 8.1 Call History screen


The Call button is gone. To call someone in the list you press their contact name or number.  I suspect that will trip up a few people who are familiar with the old system. On the right side of the screen is the new Contact button.  Press it to navigate to the the contact screen, where you can view and edit the contact information.


Figure 03:  The Contact screen

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