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Windows phone 8.1 has little changes and enhancements that are not covered in the mainstream articles.   This series of posts examines the gems hidden everywhere in the new OS.

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One of the features that I love about Windows Phone 8.0 is the ability to pin a contact to the start screen.  That makes it easy to see your friends status, send them a message or call their phone. The new 8.1 OS adds a small enhancement for quickly calling your favorite phone numbers.

Speed Dial

Version 8.1 adds a new Speed Dial section to the call history screen.  It shows a list of contacts, you simply touch the contact to dial the number.



Figure 01:  Speed dial screen



Figure 02: Dialing the contact


How is this different from calling via the pinned tile?  Touching the tile on the start screen takes you to the contact page, where you select phone number to call.  With the speed dial, once you have the history page open you can quickly call anyone on the list without looking at their contact information.

Adding a Speed Dial Entry

Touch the + button on the Speed Dial AppBar.  The contact list opens and you choose the contact to add. If they have more than one phone number you pick the number to add to the speed dial list.


Figure 03:  Choosing a speed dial number



Figure 04:  Speed Dial screen with new entry

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