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Windows phone 8.1 has little changes and enhancements that are not covered in the mainstream articles.   This series of posts examines the gems hidden everywhere in the new OS.

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Auto Updates

Nobody wants to deal with app updates.  Microsoft learned this fact by observing the behavior of millions of Windows and Windows Phone users.  So they’ve changed how app updates get installed on your PC and your Phone. 

On Windows Phone 8.1 an app is automatically updated as soon as the update appears on the Microsoft servers.  At least that’s the default behavior.  You can change how updates are applied by opening Settings, swiping to the Applications tab and choosing Store.



Figure 01: The Settings/Applications screen


If you like the tedium of approving updates every few days in the Store app you can disable the automatic updates   Also you can choose whether apps are updated via Wi-Fi only, which is good for ensuring you don’t inadvertently exceed your cell plan data cap.



Figure 02:  The Store Settings screen

Use Download History to see What’s Been Updated

It’s nice that auto update removes the need to habitually open the store app and install the updates.  But what if you want to know what apps have been updated.  Maybe you are tingling with anticipation to get the latest Angry Bird app update and you want to verify it’s been installed.

You’ll find the update history in the Store app. Open the menu on the bottom of store app, select downloads , then slide over to history section.



Figure 03:  The Store menu.


Figure 04:  The History screen.

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